Expositions work every day, except Monday and Tuesday, from 9 a. m. till 5 p. m.
Adress Muziejaus street 31, LT- 5610, Telsiai
Phones 70160, 70282

Exhibits from the Samogitian Museum ALKA 

Samogitian "Alka" association of old amateursArcheologiniai radiniai. V-XV a. Papuošalai. Žalvaris established the museum in Telsiai in 1932.
In 1936-1938 there was built the museum house for municipalities' funds and funds of local inhabitants as well as countrymen that lived in foreign countries. P. Genys was a public worker, local ethnographer, poet and the first manager of the museum. He was deserwed well of founding and enriching this museum. In 1994-1998 there was built the wing of museum. Repair of museum's old building was finished in 2002.
Today this Samogitian museum is famous, have more than 60 000 exhibits, rich of exhibits'
Collections of archaeology, ethnography, numizmatics, printed matters, manuscripts,
photoes, folk art, professional art, nature and other.
The separate part of museum is Samogitian country's museum in the open air that is on
the south-west coast of Mastis lake.
Samogitian Cultural Association Editorial Board, 2002
Samogitian Museum ALKA, 2002

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