Antanas Ivinskis

  • The idea of the monument to Bishop Motiejus Valancius occurred to Antanas Juozapavicius, Dean of Naujieji Varniai parish, in 1923. The organizing committee was set up and the funds were raised. M. Valancius’ bust was made by Antanas Aleksandravicius in 1925.

  • The monument was to be put on the lawn in front of Valancius’ hause. The ceremony of the unveling of the monument on 18th July, 1927 was attendedby Justinas Staugaitis, Bishop of Telsiai, Antanas smentona, Prezident of the republik of Lithuania, church dignitares and the leaders of the Lithuanian army. Approximately 7,000 people took part at the celebration.

  • In 1951, the monument was dismantled by communists. Thanks to Antanas Norkus, it was found only on 23rd November, 1988.

  • Antanas Vaicius, Bishop of Telsiai, and the Apostolic Administrator of Klaipeda, Vytautas Lansbergis, Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Lithuania, Darius Kuolys, the Minister of Culture and Education, participated in the opening ceremony of the restored monument on 28th June, 1990.

  • The monument to Bishop M. Valancius was unveiled by Vytautas Lansbergis, Chairman of the Supreme Counsil of the Republik of Lithuania, and was consecrated by Antanas Vaicius. The memorial plaque was put up on the wall of the house where the bust had been found.

Samogitian Cultural Association Editorial Board, 2000
Samogitian Museum ALKA, 2000

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