Marija Alseikaite-Gimbutiene (January 23, 1921 in Vilnius - February 2, 1994 in Los Angeles). Archaeologist, archaemythologist, propagator of the Baltic culture in the world. She displayed the prehistoric evolution of European nations including the Balts, and created the conception of the Old European culture and its fall caused by the invasion of Indo- European tribes rushing into Europe from the Eurasian steppes. M. Alseikaite- Gimbutiene caried out archaeological investigations in Balkan countries and Greece. On the basis of thease studies, she wrote much about gods and goddesses. She also wrote many publications and articles on East European archaeology and Lithuanian mythology. In 1993 she was granted the US Anisfield- Wolf Prize (since 1935 conferred for the most sognificant studies on the history of world culture) for her book Deives civilizacija: Senosios Europos pasaulis (The Civilisation of the Goddess: The World of Old Europe) written in San Francisco in 1991.

Samogitian Cultural Association Editorial Board, 2000
Samogitian Museum ALKA, 2000

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