Jonas Zemaitis (March 15, 1909 in Palanga - November 26, 1954 in Moscow). One of the leaders of the post- war anti- Soviet armed rezistance. He tried to centralise the armed underground forces throughout the Lithuania and form general leadership for partisans. In February 1949 he summoned a acongres of the leaders of Lithuanian partisans and established a united resistance organisation - the Lithuanian Movement for Freedom (LMF). He was elected the Chair of Presidium of the LMF Council. Under this leadership, the main documents of the LMF were prepared (the political declaration of the LMF Council provided that the Council was the supreme political body of the nation leading its political and military struggle of resistenc and striving for re-establishment of independent and democratic Republic of Lithuania). He contributed much in preperation and realisation of the strategy and tactics of partisan fights, and in the re- establishment of the destoyed organisational structures of the LMF. J. Zemaitis was conferred the highest, General’s, military rank. He was taken prisonery by the KGB, sentenced and shot in Butyrik Prison in Moscow.

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Samogitian Museum ALKA, 2000

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